Achieving Levels



Transform your skills and talents into a lucrative income by leveraging seller levels. You can attain a new and elevated status level by promoting your Gigs, ensuring customer satisfaction, meeting delivery timelines, and consistently delivering high-quality services with positive ratings.


Your seller level is determined by your monthly performance. As highlighted earlier, consistently providing excellent service, maintaining a high buyer satisfaction rate, and consistently delivering orders on time will elevate your status on Gigred, increasing visibility and attracting more orders.



New Seller


This marks the starting point of your journey. Upon creating a Gig on Gigred, you will automatically be categorized as a New Seller.


To advance to Level 1 promptly, we recommend delivering your best work and service. This involves earning positive reviews, fulfilling a specified number of orders punctually without cancellations, and avoiding any account warnings.


As a New Seller, you'll get to: 

  • Create up to 7 active Gigs.
  • Active Gigs include both your published and unpublished Gigs.
  • Add five Extra services per Gig with a maximum of $1000 per Extra.
  • Create Custom Offers up to $20,000 each.
  • Withdraw your earnings after 7 days.