Cookie Policy

We utilize cookies and comparable technologies (including web beacons, pixels, tags, and scripts) to enhance and tailor your experience, deliver our services, assess website performance, and for marketing objectives. This cookie policy is part of Gigred. Gigred’s privacy policy details the use of cookies between your device and the site. Additionally, basic information about third-party services we may use, which might also utilize cookies, is provided.

If you prefer not to accept cookies from us, you should direct your browser to decline cookies from Please be aware that this may result in us being unable to provide certain desired content and services.

What Is A Cookie?

A cookie is a tiny data fragment a website saves on your device during your visit. Usually, it holds information about the website, a distinct identifier enabling the site to recognize your web browser upon your return, supplementary data fulfilling the cookie’s purpose, and the duration of the cookie’s existence.

Cookies serve various purposes, such as facilitating specific features (e.g., logging in), monitoring site usage (e.g., analytics), preserving your user settings (e.g., timezone, notification preferences), and customizing your content (e.g., advertising, language).

Cookies established by the website you’re currently browsing are commonly known as “first-party cookies” and generally only monitor your interactions on that specific site. Cookies established by external sites and companies (referred to as “third parties”) are termed “third-party cookies.” They may track your activity on other websites employing the same third-party service.

Types Of Cookies And How We Use Them

Essential Cookies

Critical cookies are vital to your website experience, empowering core functionalities such as user logins, account management, shopping carts, and payment processing. We employ critical cookies to activate specific functions on our website.

Performance Cookies

Performance cookies track your website usage throughout your visit without gathering personal information about you. Normally, this data is anonymous and amalgamated with information gathered from all site users. It aids companies in comprehending visitor usage trends, identifying and rectifying issues or errors users might face, and making more informed decisions to enhance the overall website experience for their audience. These cookies may originate from the website you’re browsing (first-party) or third-party services. We employ performance cookies on our site.

Functionality Cookies

Functionality cookies gather data about your device and any configurations you may set on the website you’re currently visiting (such as language and timezone settings). This data allows websites to offer tailored, improved, or optimized content and services. These cookies may be established by your visiting website (first-party) or a third-party service. We employ functionality cookies for specific features on our site.

Targeting/Advertising Cookies

Targeting/advertising cookies ascertain which promotional content is most pertinent and suitable to your interests. Websites may utilize them to provide targeted advertising or to regulate the frequency of advertisement displays. This aids companies in enhancing the efficiency of their campaigns and the caliber of content offered to them. These cookies may be established by the website you’re visiting (first-party) or third-party services. Targeting/advertising cookies implemented by third parties might track your activity on other websites utilizing the same third-party service. We utilize targeting/advertising cookies on our site.


Third-Party Cookies

On our websites, we may enlist the assistance of third-party companies and individuals, such as analytics providers and content partners. We authorize these third parties to access certain information to execute designated tasks on our behalf. Additionally, they may install third-party cookies to facilitate the delivery of their services. Third-party cookies might track your activity on other websites employing the same third-party service. As we lack control over third-party cookies, they fall outside the scope of Gigred’s cookie policy.

Our Third-Party Privacy Promise

Before engaging the services of any third-party providers, we carefully examine their privacy policies to ensure their practices align with ours. We are committed to never incorporating third-party services that knowingly compromise or infringe upon the privacy of our users.

How You Can Control Or Opt Out Of Cookies

If you prefer not to accept cookies from us, you can direct your browser to reject cookies from our website. While most browsers are typically set to accept cookies by default, you can adjust these settings to either decline cookies entirely or to receive notifications when a website attempts to set or modify a cookie.

If you access websites from multiple devices, you might need to adjust your settings on each device separately.

While blocking certain cookies may have minimal impact on your website experience, blocking all cookies could restrict your access to certain features and content on the websites you frequent.