Gigred Guide

How Gigred Works For You

Find everything about outsourcing with Gigred. From finding a freelancer to getting deliveries to your virtual doorstep, Gigred will guide you every step of the way.

Using Gigred Takes A Simple Count To Five…

  1. Search. Your business needs it. Our freelancers can make it. With advanced search options, getting what you want is much easier.
  2. Choose. Keep your standards high and your brand aligned by reading reviews and screening work samples to help you meet your perfect match. 
  3. Get specific. Contact your chosen freelancer to share your requirements and get the right results. 
  4. Place an order. Now get back to work while your Gigred freelancers work for you.
  5. Ding dong – delivery! Your finished order will arrive right in your inbox. Give your approval stamp, and prepare for the next great thing.

Tips To Thrive On Gigred


Use filters to find the best freelance matches fast.


Check Gigred’s exclusive seller badges for quality assurance.


Request a custom quote from a freelancer for your unique needs.


Make payment to a freelancer’s service for ongoing success.


Connect with each other to track activity on Gigred’ Chat.


Use Gigred’s app to keep up with your work on the go.

Expert Hassle-Free Service


Payments are protected by your delivery approval.


24/7 Customer support is always here to help.


Time frames & project prices are pre-set with Gigred freelancers.

Top Selling Services

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Accounting and Finance




Digital Marketing


Graphics and Design






Music and Audio


Programming and Tech


Video and Animation


Writing and Translation



How can I trust freelancers? Are there disclosures? Like you, every freelancer must accept the Gigred Terms of Service when joining our platform. If you have additional documents you would like a freelancer to sign, you can share them with the freelancer via message (as an attachment) before placing your order with them. Freelancers must decide whether or not they agree with your terms and sign your documents before proceeding. Remember that any additional agreement should not contradict Gigred’s Terms of Service.

Are there any safety measures I need to take with sellers (before and after placing my order)? Generally, our Terms of Service cover most things (including confidentiality), and Gigred holds payments until your order is completed. However, as we cannot assist with any issue outside the Gigred platform, we ask you not to share your personal contact information and avoid communicating through external media.

What should I do if I have issues with a frelancer mid-order? If you are unhappy with an ongoing order, several options are available. First, we always recommend resolving the issue directly with the freelancer. A little extra communication can go a long way. Every order page has a resolution center where you can propose a cancelation. If you ever need a little backup, our Customer Support team is available 24/7. Simply contact them with your order details, and they will be happy to help.

What if I am not satisfied with the freelancer? Should you have any issues with a freelancer resulting from an order, please keep in mind that there is a grace period of 7 days after an order has been marked complete. During this time, we can cancel the order for you. Once this period ends, the freelancer can withdraw payment for the order, and cancelation will be subject to the seller’s cooperation. For additional help, you can contact our Support Specialists by opening a ticket.

What do levels indicate? Levels are used as a quality indicator. They represent the total number of orders plus the quality a freelancer has delivered.

Level 1: Completed at least 10 orders on time with a minimum 4.7 rating

Level 2: Completed at least 50 orders on time with a minimum 4.7 rating

Top-Rated Seller: Completed at least 100 orders on time with a minimum 4.7 rating and met Gigred internal quality factors.

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