I will do best keyword research for your youtube video


Millions of people use YouTube every day to find the video of their interest. But the question is, what are people searching for? what words and phrases they are using for searching?

For this, you have to find the words that are most searched by the viewers and if you identify the phrases they’re using to search, you can easily optimize your channel around them, and it will show up at the top of the search results.

And when you optimize around the right words and phrases, they will definitely have the opportunity to get significantly more views, comments, likes and subscribers.

Still, Confuse??

Don’t worry let me take care of your channel!!

I can research the best trending long-tail keywords to make new videos and can also support your existing video to rank higher.

Benefits of this Gig:

  • Low Competitive keywords to help you rank quickly
  • Long Tail keywords relevant to your niche
  • High volume
  • Competition Score

Note: I am not going to give you fake watch-time, subscribers and views! This gig is specifically for trending ideas and optimization

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