Accessibility Statement

Gigred is dedicated to ensuring an inclusive experience for our users and the general public, irrespective of their background, nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, veteran status, or any other protected characteristics. This statement emphasizes Gigred's pledge to ensure digital accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

Online Accessibility

Gigred endeavors to deliver a digital experience that is easily accessible for all our users.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) establish criteria for website providers to enhance online accessibility for individuals with disabilities. Gigred has willingly engaged in initiatives to adhere to, and occasionally surpass, the WCAG Guidelines 2.1 Level AA. Additionally, we employ rigorous accessibility quality assurance methods to guarantee the accessibility of Gigred's digital platform.

Third-Party Websites and Elements

Gigred's website may include sections or links to webpages hosted or controlled by third parties or utilize third-party plugins or services. The third-party providers will determine compliance with WCAG standards for these sections, not Gigred. Gigred does not guarantee the accessibility of third-party websites and may not be able to address accessibility issues on these sites. Nevertheless, Gigred consistently seeks out and adopts more accessible alternatives for such sections and sites whenever possible.


Our commitment to accessibility and usability remains continuous. Despite our endeavors to enhance the Website's accessibility, users may encounter issues with various assistive technologies due to the diverse range available. If a user with a disability experiences accessibility challenges with our Website or mobile application, please inform us by emailing [email protected].