Community Standards


We’re cultivating a space for a community that wants to play a part in changing how the world works together. We’ve built a global network of writers, designers, producers, videographers, business owners, and professionals across hundreds of industries who use Gigred daily to create something they believe in. We’re inspired by each and every one of our community members. We value their perspectives, beliefs, and views—what makes Gigred dynamic.

To maintain a respectful, inclusive, and safe environment for everyone, we’ve created a set of community standards to serve as a moral compass for behavior on our platform. These standards help define what is acceptable in the Gigred community and marketplace in face-to-face interactions and online communications. They aren’t tied to any law but are used to govern our platform policies. They reflect our attitudes, expectations, and social norms. Our community standards are rooted in our core values — respect, safety, acceptance, support, and open-mindedness.

Like our community, these standards will continue to grow, evolve, and change. We have embedded examples in the community standards for unacceptable activities on Gigred. Please note that these are intended to be examples only and not a complete list.

We encourage our community to use our reporting tools when encountering anything unacceptable. We want to create the best experience for all community members and ask that you respect and follow these guidelines.

Integrity and Authenticity

To maintain a safe, respectful, fair, and trustworthy marketplace, Gigred is taking proactive steps to prevent abusive practices that may undermine our platform's integrity or users' authenticity.

Any activity aimed to deliberately manipulate the platform tools and features will permanently suspend user accounts involved in such behavior.

Account Integrity

Multiple Accounts

You may have only one account to buy and/or sell services on Gigred. Creating multiple accounts on Gigred can mislead other users and is considered a manipulation of our system. Any violation of this policy can permanently suspend the account(s) involved in this activity.

It is prohibited to open multiple accounts on Gigred to (including but not limited to):

  • Gain a competitive advantage.
  • Harass/mislead other users through messaging and/or ordering systems.
  • Engage in any fraudulent activity.
  • Abuse the Gigred Referral program.
  • Bypass a restriction—or permanent suspension—of a previous account.
  • Violate Gigred’s Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards in any other way and/or manipulate the system.

Do not share your authentic credentials (personal email, payment information, phone number) that could be used to create multiple accounts on your behalf.

Fake Identity

We do not allow accounts to pose as another person or entity in a misleading manner. 

It is prohibited to:

  • Use a fake name, gender, photo, or any fictional or false biographical details in your user profile.
  • Present a fake document(s) if asked to verify your identity.
  • Use AI-generated imagery/video to create or verify an account on Gigred, to impersonate another person—or to misrepresent yourself.
  • Impersonate others by creating or using an account that misrepresents your identity to mislead or deceive others.
  • Use automated programs and tools to misrepresent your actual location.
  • Create a Gigred profile with your personal information/credentials for anyone other than yourself.

Do not share your authentic credentials (personal email, payment information, phone number) that could be used to create fake accounts on your behalf. Gigred reserves the right to permanently suspend accounts that represent a fake identity.


Misrepresentation is defined as fraudulent, negligent, or innocent misstatements or an incomplete statement of a material fact. 

It is prohibited to:

  • Write misleading content in your profile description, skills section, professional background, and/or education.
  • Include a Gigred seller badge, seller level, or any reference to a star rating in your Gig images, seller intro video, profile picture, or any other Gig components.
  • Copy Gig descriptions, packages, and/or other content from another user’s Gig listing or profile page. 
  • Raise the price of your Gig service in personal messages before or after purchase. Bait-and-switch marketing is not permitted.
  • Have someone else represent you in your Gig without clearly stating who they are. Post content you do not have the right to use in a Gig description and/or profile.

Inauthentic Behavior


We define spam on Gigred as an unwanted messaging activity repeatedly occurring and disruptive to the recipient's experience. Spam can take many forms, from unwanted offers to commercially motivated solicitations to drive traffic or attention to websites, products, and services outside Gigred.

Do Not:

  • Abuse our communication tools to send unsolicited or deceptive messages.
  • Distribute malware, phishing, or other potentially harmful content through Gigred communication tools.
  • Use artificial tools and/or automated processes (through software, scripts, bots, or any other means) to send mass messages.
  • Contact Gigred users with offers, questions, suggestions, or anything unrelated to their Gigs, requests, or orders.
  • Ask other users to guide you on how to start selling on Gigred through Gigred communication tools.
  • Send direct messages to promote your services or specific Gigs to buyers.
  • Ask for donations or free work. 

Not only does this activity undermine the integrity of our platform, but it also violates our members' privacy and is potentially harmful. If you encounter spam, please report it.

Feedback Manipulation

Reviews provided by buyers are an essential part of Gigred's rating system. They convey the quality of sellers' services, professional skills, experience, and overall buyer satisfaction. Therefore, it is important that reviews be authentic and reliable messages to maintain a trusted and credible marketplace.

Do not:

  • Manipulate the review system in any way to represent deceitful information about the seller and/or their service, either as a buyer or a seller.
  • Purposely provide deceitful, unsolicited feedback.
  • Purchase or sell a service with the sole intent to falsely increase ratings and/or levels.
  • Pressure a buyer to edit or remove feedback or a review from the platform. 
  • Pressure a buyer to add a 5-star review or give more positive feedback than they are willing to provide.
  • Withhold the delivery of service or any information required to complete the service with the intent to gain favorable reviews.
  • Pressure a seller to deliver free extras or make changes not included in the ordered service by threatening to leave negative feedback.

Any attempt to manipulate reviews is prohibited and may result in a permanent suspension of all related accounts. This includes direct or indirect manipulation of feedback by contributing false, misleading, or inauthentic content, placing orders determined to have been arranged or strategically placed to artificially boost seller ratings, or abusing the platform by making purchases from multiple accounts.

Should you suspect feedback manipulation or any other violations of these policies, please report it.

Reporting Abuse

On Gigred, we value all our community members and aim to maintain a respectful, inclusive, and safe environment for everyone. We encourage our community to use our reporting tools when encountering anything unacceptable. 

However, we ask you not to misuse these tools in ways that result in unfounded complaints.

Do not:

  • Abuse Gigred reporting tools, complaints to Customer Support, and appeals processes by making groundless, targeted, litigious, or frivolous reports
  • Send multiple reports on the same issue without allowing for a response from our Trust and Safety team.

Gigred reserves the right to withdraw multiple invalid reports and flag accounts involved in such activity.

Referral Abuse

With the Gigred Referral program, you can earn rewards for yourself and your friends who sign up to Gigred per your invitation. Referral program abuse might occur when a group of accounts created for system manipulation refers to each other to gain a referral bonus. 

Do not:

  • Create fake accounts to gain referral credit.
  • Attempt to manipulate or exploit the current referral program.

Gigred reserves the right to permanently suspend accounts that are involved in violation of referral program rules


Any improper behavior aiming to manipulate Gigred platform tools and systems does not align with Gigred values and harms the entire Gigred community. To create a fair and respectable marketplace, we ask that you do not attempt to subvert our policies, which have been put in place to protect platform and marketplace trust and quality.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Excessive cancellations practice.
  • The delivery button sends an incomplete, partial, or empty delivery.
  • Sending multiple requests on the same issue without allowing for a response from our Customer Support team.

Any attempts to access the platform through unauthorized methods, affect and manipulate the Gigred ranking system, send artificial web traffic to Gigs, offer to sell/buy Gigred accounts, scrape data from the platform, or undermine the security and integrity of our marketplace in any way are strictly prohibited.