Community Standards

We're fostering an environment for a community eager to contribute to reshaping how the world collaborates. Our extensive network spans writers, designers, producers, videographers, business owners, and professionals from diverse industries worldwide. Every day, they utilize Gigred to bring their visions to life. Each community member inspires us, and we deeply appreciate their unique perspectives, beliefs, and views, which contribute to Gigred's vibrant and dynamic essence.


To ensure a respectful, inclusive, and secure environment for all participants, we have established a set of community standards to guide ethical conduct on our platform. These standards are crucial in delineating acceptable behavior within the Gigred community and marketplace, whether in personal interactions or online communications. While not legally binding, they form the basis of our platform policies, mirroring our fundamental values of respect, safety, acceptance, support, and open-mindedness.


Like our community, these standards will undergo continual growth, evolution, and adaptation. We have included illustrative examples in the community standards to highlight unacceptable activities on Gigred. It's important to recognize that these examples are intended to serve as a guide and are not an exhaustive list.


We urge our community to utilize our reporting tools when encountering anything deemed unacceptable. Our goal is to foster the optimal experience for all community members, and we kindly request your cooperation in adhering to and respecting these guidelines.



Integrity and Authenticity


To uphold a safe, respectful, fair, and trustworthy marketplace, Gigred is proactively implementing measures to prevent abusive practices that could compromise our platform's integrity or our users' authenticity.


Engaging in any intentional manipulation of platform tools and features will permanently suspend user accounts participating in such conduct.



Account Integrity


Multiple Accounts


It is essential to maintain only one account to engage in buying and/or selling services on Gigred. Generating multiple accounts on Gigred can create confusion for other users and is deemed as a manipulation of our system. Any breach of this policy may permanently suspend the account(s) engaged in such activity.


Opening multiple accounts on Gigred for the purpose of (including but not limited to) is strictly prohibited:

  • Gain a competitive advantage.
  • Harass/mislead other users through messaging and/or ordering systems.
  • Engage in any fraudulent activity.
  • Abuse the Gigred Referral program.
  • Bypass a restriction—or permanent suspension—of a previous account.
  • Violate Gigred’s Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards in any other way and/or manipulate the system.


Avoid disclosing your genuine credentials (such as personal email, payment information, and phone number) that could be utilized to generate multiple accounts on your behalf.


Fake Identity


Deceptively impersonating another individual or entity is not permitted on our platform.


It is prohibited to:

  • Use a fake name, gender, photo, or any fictional or false biographical details in your user profile.
  • Present a fake document(s) if asked to verify your identity.
  • Use AI-generated imagery/video to create or verify an account on Gigred, impersonate another person—or misrepresent yourself.
  • Impersonate others by creating or using an account that misrepresents your identity to mislead or deceive others.
  • Use automated programs and tools to misrepresent your actual location.
  • Create a Gigred profile with your personal information/credentials for anyone other than yourself.


Refrain from sharing your genuine credentials (personal email, payment information, phone number) that might be exploited to create fraudulent accounts on your behalf. Gigred retains the authority to permanently suspend accounts that present a false identity.




Misrepresentation is characterized by fraudulent, negligent, or innocent misstatements or an incomplete presentation of a material fact.


It is prohibited to:

  • Write misleading content in your profile description, skills section, professional background, and/or education.
  • Include a Gigred seller badge, seller level, or any reference to a star rating in your Gig images, seller intro video, profile picture, or any other Gig components.
  • Copy Gig descriptions, packages, and/or other content from another user’s Gig listing or profile page. 
  • Raise the price of your Gig service in personal messages before or after purchase. Bait-and-switch marketing is not permitted.
  • Have someone else represent you in your Gig without clearly stating who they are. Post content you do not have the right to use in a Gig description and/or profile.



Inauthentic Behavior




On Gigred, spam is described as a messaging activity that is unwelcome, persistent, and disrupts the recipient's experience. Spam can manifest in various forms, including unwanted offers and commercially driven solicitations designed to divert traffic or attention to websites, products, and services external to Gigred.


Do not:

  • Abuse our communication tools to send unsolicited or deceptive messages.
  • Distribute malware, phishing, or other potentially harmful content through Gigred communication tools.
  • Use artificial tools and/or automated processes (through software, scripts, bots, or any other means) to send mass messages.
  • Contact Gigred users with offers, questions, suggestions, or anything unrelated to their Gigs, requests, or orders.
  • Ask other users to guide you on how to start selling on Gigred through Gigred communication tools.
  • Send direct messages to promote your services or specific Gigs to buyers.
  • Ask for donations or free work.


This behavior not only compromises the integrity of our platform but also infringes upon our members' privacy, posing potential harm. If you come across spam, kindly report it.


Feedback Manipulation


Buyer reviews play a crucial role in Gigred's rating system, reflecting the quality of services sellers offer, their professional expertise, and overall buyer satisfaction. Consequently, reviews must be genuine and dependable, upholding a trustworthy and credible marketplace.


Do not:

  • Manipulate the review system in any way to represent deceitful information about the seller and/or their service, either as a buyer or a seller.
  • Purposely provide deceitful, unsolicited feedback.
  • Purchase or sell a service with the sole intent to falsely increase ratings and/or levels.
  • Pressure a buyer to edit or remove feedback or a review from the platform. 
  • Pressure a buyer to add a 5-star review or give more positive feedback than they are willing to provide.
  • Withhold the delivery of service or any information required to complete the service with the intent to gain favorable reviews.
  • Pressure a seller to deliver free extras or make changes not included in the ordered service by threatening to leave negative feedback.


Efforts to manipulate reviews are strictly forbidden and could lead to the permanent suspension of all associated accounts. This encompasses direct and indirect manipulation of feedback, involving submitting false, misleading, or inauthentic content. It also includes placing orders identified as orchestrated or strategically positioned to artificially enhance seller ratings and exploiting the platform through purchases from multiple accounts.


If you suspect any instances of feedback manipulation or other violations of these policies, kindly report them.


Reporting Abuse


At Gigred, we highly appreciate each community member and strive to uphold a respectful, inclusive, and secure environment for everyone. We encourage our community members to utilize our reporting tools when encountering unacceptable content or behavior.


Nevertheless, we request that you refrain from misusing these tools by lodging baseless complaints.


Do not:

  • Misuse Gigred reporting tools, file complaints with Customer Support or engage in appeals processes by submitting unfounded, targeted, litigious, or frivolous reports.
  • Submit numerous reports on the same issue without allowing our Trust and Safety team to respond.


Gigred retains the authority to revoke multiple unfounded reports and flag accounts engaged in such behaviour.


Referral Abuse


Through the Gigred Referral program, you can earn rewards for both yourself and friends who join Gigred through your invitation. Abuse of the referral program may occur when a set of accounts is established solely to manipulate the system, referring to one another to acquire a referral bonus.


Do not:

  • Create fake accounts to gain referral credit.
  • Attempt to manipulate or exploit the current referral program.


Gigred retains the authority to permanently suspend accounts engaged in the violation of Referral Program rules.




Engaging in inappropriate conduct to manipulate Gigred platform tools and systems contradicts Gigred's values and negatively impacts the entire community. To foster a fair and reputable marketplace, we request that you refrain from trying to undermine our policies, which are implemented to safeguard the trust and quality of the platform and marketplace.


This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Excessive cancellations practice.
  • The delivery button sends an incomplete, partial, or empty delivery.
  • Sending multiple requests on the same issue without allowing for a response from our Customer Support team.


Engaging in unauthorized methods to access the platform, manipulating the Gigred ranking system, generating artificial web traffic to Gigs, attempting to sell or buy Gigred accounts, scraping data from the platform, or undermining the security and integrity of our marketplace in any manner is strictly prohibited.



Illegal and Prohibited Services


Gigred is an expansive marketplace where users can provide or seek diverse services. Nevertheless, due to various reasons, there are certain types of services that we expressly prohibit on Gigred. Some services may present potential risks to users, such as privacy or financial concerns, while others may simply be inconsistent with our values and policies.


Kindly be aware that the examples provided below are not an exhaustive list. We reserve the right to periodically update what is deemed an illegal or prohibited service. Additionally, we may take appropriate action in response to violations of the spirit of this policy, particularly if we encounter new threats or harms that are not explicitly outlined below.



Illegal Services


We expect our users to adhere to all relevant laws and regulations. Users are prohibited from offering or requesting services associated with illegal activities or those that endorse, approve, or enable any unlawful behaviour. Gigred retains the right to permanently suspend user accounts that violate this policy.


Gigred is dedicated to enforcing its policies against illegal activity and inappropriate behaviour on the platform to safeguard our community. If you come across an item that seems to contravene these policies, please report it.


Kindly be aware that Gigred retains the right to report any illegal activity to law enforcement authorities.



Prohibited Services


Services with the potential to cause harm to our users


To ensure the safety of the Gigred community, we prohibit any services or activities that could potentially cause harm, whether intentional or unintentional, to our users, other individuals, property, or animals. This encompasses physical harm, substantial risk of societal harm, and endangerment of individuals' rights and freedoms, among other considerations.


Refrain from offering, agreeing to provide, or requesting services intended to inflict harm, including but not limited to:

  • Promoting prohibited or potentially dangerous goods (firearms, ammunition, drugs, and controlled substances) or encouraging others to make, use, or trade these goods
  • Any level of sexual exploitation, abuse, or human trafficking 
  • Providing fake or misleading documents, including the creation of—or any kind of modification to—official documents such as IDs, passports, driver’s licenses, bank statements, death or birth certificates, etc.
  • Content that is related to glorification and/or incitement to violence or any other criminal and harmful behaviour towards an individual, group, or animals
  • The intention to create or promote the spread of fake news and disinformation
  • Providing licensed professional services without the required certifications and/or qualifications, ex. Legal counsel, financial or tax advice, etc. 
  • Attempts to hack or crack any system (accounts, profiles, networks, etc.) with the intent to obtain unauthorized access to sensitive personal and/or financial information of individuals, entities, or governmental institutions
  • Creating or contributing to any information security hazard for individuals, entities, or governmental institutions (DDOS attacks, doxxing, impersonation, malware distribution, phishing and other hacking techniques, etc.) 


User accounts involved in violation of this policy will be permanently suspended.


Services that can pose financial risks for our users


Gigred prioritizes the financial safety of our users and places great emphasis on securing their private financial information. Consequently, services that may jeopardize the security of our users' sensitive financial information are strictly prohibited.


Refrain from offering, agreeing to provide, or requesting services that necessitate gaining access to other users' sensitive financial information, including:

  • Opening, managing, or implementing changes to a financial account.
  • Providing a loan, buying or selling currency or cryptocurrency, trading binary options, or other financial instruments.
  • Mining cryptocurrency. 
  • Remove negative remarks from the credit score or credit history of a person, entity, government institution, or any other credit repair-related services.
  • Trading signals, indicators, or pre-made trading strategies.


Services that infringe third parties’ terms of service


A third party refers to a company or individual, distinct from Gigred, indirectly associated with the services you provide or seek. As a valued member of the Gigred community, we kindly request you uphold respect for the broader Internet community and adhere to the terms of service (TOS) of other platforms and companies.


Refrain from offering, agreeing to provide, or requesting services that breach or have the potential to breach the terms of service of a third party.


Prior to creating a Gig, we strongly advise all sellers to thoroughly review the terms of service of any third party associated with the service. Additionally, we urge buyers to refrain from requesting services or placing orders for Gigs that may violate a third party's terms of service. Gigred retains the right to take appropriate actions against users who breach the terms of service of any third party.


Services which violate intellectual property rights


Aligned with various laws and our dedication to safeguarding the work of our creative community, Gigred strictly prohibits any service that infringes upon the intellectual property (IP) rights of individuals and/or businesses. Measures will be taken against those who offer or request such services, contributing to the protection of our creative community.


Misleading or Deceptive Services


In order to safeguard our community against fraudulent activities, Gigred prohibits services that aim to mislead, manipulate, or provide deceptive or inauthentic content.


Refrain from offering, agreeing to provide, or requesting any services to mislead or deceive others, including:




Any video, photo, or audio recording that has been significantly altered by changing its sequence or composition or by modifying the original audio in a manner that fundamentally alters the understanding, meaning, or context of the original media (including those created with the assistance of generative AI tools and programs).


Owing to the significant risk of disseminating misinformation and non-consensual content and engaging in illegal activities through deepfake techniques, Gigred prohibits the creation of deepfakes on the platform.


Fake reviews


Any review—whether positive, neutral, or negative—whether written, video, or in any other form- does not represent an honest and impartial opinion or fails to reflect a genuine experience with a product, service, or business.


Accounts found to be in breach of this policy will face permanent suspension.


Fake engagement or traffic


Any artificial engagement methods involving bots, click farms, or other unauthorized techniques to boost followers, views, likes, fans, or traffic are strictly prohibited. These practices directly violate the terms of service and practices of third parties, undermining the integrity and trust of our platform.


Promising financial or personal benefits


Any assurance of financial or personal outcomes beyond a seller's control, including any exaggerated or unreasonable claims regarding what a buyer may attain by availing a seller's services.


This includes but is not limited to guarantees or promises related to:

  • Restoring buyers' access to online accounts (e.g., Amazon, Facebook, eBay).
  • Specific monetary earnings or specific profit/return rate on an investment.
  • Wins, higher levels, in-game currency, or profits in any game or app.
  • Results related to healing or treating medical issues or promises of mind control.


Homework and academic services


Gigred's marketplace allows sellers to provide various creative and productive services. However, we kindly request refraining from offering or requesting any academic work. Engaging in completing someone else's academic assignments (likely to be submitted as the student's own work) or seeking academic work to be done for you is considered unethical, as it violates the Honor Codes of most schools and may amount to copyright infringement. Gigred strictly prohibits such fraudulent activities on our platform.


Avoid posting, offering, or requesting the writing of homework, academic papers, bibliographies, letters of recommendation, college applications, and similar academic materials.


Services that involve sharing personal information of third parties


Gigred proactively implements measures to safeguard privacy rights. To uphold this policy, we request that information within relevant services be distinctive for each order and exclusively comprise business data.


Do not offer, agree to provide, or ask for any services that breach third-party rights and lead to spamming individuals, such as:

  • Any sharing of personal data of individuals, ex. Email addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • Premade lists containing the personal data of individuals.
  • Scraping social media platforms to obtain information about others.
  • Any service that shares confidential personal information, ex. Social security numbers, identification cards, credit cards, physical addresses, etc.


Medical-related services


To safeguard the Gigred community, services that aim to offer medical treatment, medical advice, or medical and pharmaceutical supplies are not permitted. This includes considerations for both the physical and mental health of the users.


Do not offer, agree to provide, or ask for any medical-related services, such as:

  • Any medical treatment, advice on a medical condition, or pharmaceutical advice.
  • Any kind of medical drugs, pharmaceuticals, equipment, or pharmaceutical supply.
  • Providing documentation or other evidence meant to fraudulently deceive others about one’s medical status, ex. Fraudulent test results, etc.
  • Offering to heal, prevent or treat cancer, diabetes, eating disorders, depression, COVID-19, any other disease or medical condition, including emotional therapy.
  • Creating medical, scientific, or informative content exclusively on COVID-19 that may be used for spreading misinformation.
  • Creating fake news or promoting the spread of fake news regarding COVID-19.



Services Outside the Gigred Catalog


The Gigred catalogue is dynamic, reflecting the swift changes in the digital landscape. We consistently strive to ensure our platform offers services that align with current demand. Consequently, we may periodically restructure our catalogue and discontinue certain services. If you offer one of the services being discontinued, we will notify you once your Gig has been removed. This presents a valuable opportunity to refresh your offerings and provide services that align with buyers' needs.


For more information, visit the Gigred Forum and our Help Center for helpful advice and articles on creating high-performing Gigs that appeal to buyers.



Objectionable Content and User Safety


Adult Content and Sexual Activity


Sexually gratifying explicit content is prohibited on Gigred. If identified or reported, such content will be blocked, and participants may face banning from the marketplace. Additionally, Gigs and deliveries depicting violent, graphic, or humiliating fetishes are not permitted.


Gigred strictly prohibits sexually explicit content involving minors and any content that aims to sexually exploit minors. In cases involving Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), we promptly report such instances to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which collaborates with law enforcement agencies worldwide.


Do not post, offer or ask for:


  • Nude or adult-related images or videos.
  • Sex or sexual partners.
  • Sex chats or conversations.
  • Nonconsensual images, including sextortion.
  • Child/or child-like sex.
  • Sexual violence or denigration.
  • Sexually charged modelling.
  • The execution of fetish scenarios.
  • Content that depicts explicit sexual activity, unless the conditions for “documentary exception,” as listed below, exist.


Gigred will promptly take action to block transactions that involve child nudity and will mark the implicated account for further review.


Documentary Exception


Gigred permits nudity when its primary purpose is educational, scientific, or artistic, not gratuitous. For instance, a video edit commissioned by a midwife illustrating proper breastfeeding techniques would be considered appropriate. Conversely, creating a video using clips from the same film but taken out of context for sexual gratification would not be allowed. Nudity from indigenous communities, protests, medical procedures, childbirth, artistic performances, breastfeeding, or similar scenarios may not qualify under our documentary exception if used out of context.


Hate Speech and Discrimination


Hate Speech


Hate speech, as defined by Gigred, refers to content intending to incite violence or hatred against an individual or group based on their real or perceived characteristics. These characteristics may include race, skin colour, ethnicity, sexual identity, gender identity, marital status, religion, age, or disability.


Hate speech can manifest through threatening, derogatory, and dehumanizing language, the use of ethnic or racial slurs, or content that glorifies or supports hateful narratives and behaviour.


Gigred is dedicated to promptly and decisively investigating conduct flagged or reported as hate speech. Our response aligns with our Terms of Service and the company's values. Hate speech violations are treated with utmost seriousness, and we may exercise broad discretion when taking action against users or content that violates this policy.


Do not:

  • Use violent and/or dehumanizing speech against a person or group of people based on their real or perceived race, ethnicity, skin colour, sexual identity, gender identity, marital status, religion, age, or disability.
  • Use ethnic or racial slurs.
  • Use hate speech towards another community member(s), group of people, Gigred’s Customer Support representatives, or Gigred as a company
  • Offer, agree to provide, or ask for content related to hate speech.
  • Express support or glorify hate groups, their members, their actions, or any of their shared ideologies 
  • Upload or share any content on the Gigred platform (including but not limited to a profile page, Gig description, forum thread, message, brief, etc.) that depicts hate imagery, including hate symbols related to these groups, like swastikas, hand symbols, or numbers known to reference hateful or discriminatory ideologies. 


We do allow users to offer or ask for related content that is intended to contribute to:

  • The research or raise awareness of hate speech.
  • The prevention of hate speech practices.




Gigred regards any unjust or unequal treatment of an individual or group based on real or perceived characteristics—such as race, skin colour, ethnicity, sexual identity, gender identity, marital status, religion, age, or disability—as discrimination.


Likewise, if personal traits or characteristics unrelated to the service result in preferential treatment that might disadvantage others on the platform, such preference could be perceived as discriminatory.


Do not:

  • Express unwillingness to interact and/or work with a person or group based on real or perceived characteristics, such as race, skin colour, ethnicity, sexual identity, gender identity, marital status, religion, age, or disability.
  • Offer, agree to provide, or ask for any content that expresses or supports discriminatory ideas, groups who espouse these ideas, members of such groups, or any actions that share and glorify such ideologies.


If you encounter behaviour or content that seems to breach this policy, kindly report it. Gigred will examine discrimination claims on a case-by-case basis, and accounts found violating this policy may face permanent suspension.


Harassment and Abusive Conduct 


Gigred prohibits inappropriate behaviour and/or communication on the platform and could be classified as harassment. This encompasses, but is not limited to:

  • Bullying.
  • Sexual advances.
  • Offensive comments/conduct.
  • Discrimination is based on real or perceived characteristics, including race, skin colour, ethnicity, sexual identity, gender identity, marital status, religion, age, or disability.


When communicating on Gigred, do not:

  • Solicit any sexual interaction.
  • Ask inappropriate personal questions.
  • Make sexual advances or sexual innuendos.
  • Use profane, lewd, or derogatory terms.
  • Use offensive or culturally inappropriate/insensitive language.
  • Distribute harassing or disturbing materials.


Moreover, sellers are explicitly forbidden from disclosing buyers' data, including personal information, to third parties (unless otherwise agreed upon with the buyer). Any violation of confidentiality or privacy may result in the permanent suspension of accounts implicated.


If you encounter behaviour that seems to breach this policy, kindly report it.


Self-Harm and Suicide


At Gigred, we prioritize the safety of our community. Accordingly, users are advised not to offer, agree to provide, or request any content that depicts, glorifies, or promotes suicide and/or other acts of self-harm, including eating disorders.


If someone you are in communication with expresses suicidal thoughts or engages in any form of self-harm, we strongly encourage you to promptly contact local authorities and report the situation.


If you are experiencing emotional challenges or grappling with thoughts of suicide or self-harm, we strongly encourage you to seek immediate assistance.



Violence and Unlawful Behavior


Violence and Incitement


Ensuring the safety of our community entails treating all threats of violence with utmost seriousness. This involves proactively addressing potential risks to our community or individuals outside the platform. We will assess language and context to determine credible threats and take necessary action against those who violate this policy. Additionally, in cases of imminent threats to the life or safety of individuals, we may notify law enforcement authorities.


Incitement involves encouraging or urging others to participate in unlawful conduct. It's important to note that inciting others to commit a crime may be considered a crime, irrespective of whether the request is carried out. Other prohibited behaviours include the glorification of violence, which can manifest through celebration or the praising/condoning of violence. All such actions are strictly forbidden on Gigred.


Do not:

  • Threaten violence against another community member(s), group of people, Gigred employees, or Gigred as a company.
  • Make any statements of intent to inflict physical harm towards an individual, group, or animals (ex., murders, mass shootings, animal sacrifice, spells/sorcery which intend to cause harm, etc.)
  • Make any statements or share imagery that encourages or incites others to inflict such harm or advocates violence (ex., approval of genocide, support for terrorism, etc.)
  • Share hate symbols like swastikas, hand symbols, or numbers known to reference violent ideologies, etc.
  • Offer, agree to provide, or ask for any content that threatens, glorifies, promotes, or expresses support for acts of violence against individuals, groups, or the general public.
  • Urge, provoke someone (through requests or instructions) to break the law or engage in activities of questionable legality.


Dangerous Organizations and Individuals


Gigred prohibits content or activities that are associated, directly or indirectly, with, praise, support, or represent dangerous organizations, their members, their actions, or their shared ideologies. These organizations frequently utilize digital platforms to disseminate their agenda, propagate hate messages, and recruit new members to join their cause.


This includes, but is not limited to:

  • International and domestic terror organizations.
  • Criminal organizations and violent groups.
  • Extremist organizations and individuals.
  • Hate/conspiracy groups.


Gigred retains the authority to permanently suspend user accounts that breach this policy.


Do not:

  • Promote or glorify violence, hateful activity, dangerous propaganda, or conspiracy theories.
  • Express support for or glorify dangerous organizations, their members, actions, or shared ideologies. 
  • Offer, agree to provide, or ask for services related to activities of dangerous groups and/or their members or shared ideologies.
  • Offer, agree to provide, or ask for services that promote violence, conspiracy theories, or propaganda—or support/advocate for the activity of the above organizations.


We permit users to provide or request related services to contribute to:

  • The research of dangerous groups and organizations.
  • The prevention of terror, extremists, and criminal activity.


Misinformation and Fake News


Misinformation refers to false or inaccurate information disseminated accidentally or deliberately to mislead or deceive others (disinformation). Recognizing the potential harm misinformation can inflict on individuals and the public, Gigred will promptly address any attempts to spread misinformation through the platform and/or the general public. User accounts violating this policy will face permanent suspension from the platform.


Fake news is characterized by developing and presenting information as an authentic news article or story to mislead or propagate propaganda.


Avoid offering, agreeing to provide, or requesting services that involve creating, promoting, or distributing misinformation or fake news, including political content.


This also encompasses services utilizing generative AI tools and/or programs to create, promote, or distribute such content. It includes, but is not limited to, the following to disseminate misinformation at scale:

  • Deepfakes, in the form of video, photo, or audio recordings.
  • Automated processes (software, scripts, bots, etc.)


We allow users to provide or request related services intended to contribute to:

  • The research of propaganda and misinformation techniques.
  • The prevention of the creation and distribution of misinformation and fake news.


Election Integrity and Political Content 


At Gigred, our commitment is to cultivate a community that cherishes diversity, open discussion, and the free exchange of ideas. To uphold these principles and ensure a secure and reliable user environment, we emphatically forbid any attempts to exploit the Gigred marketplace to undermine elections and civic integrity.


Election interference is any effort to disrupt the voting process or destabilize and erode public trust in free and fair elections.


Do not:

  • Offer, agree to provide, or ask for services interfering with elections or other democratic processes.
  • Share misleading information about procedures in election processes.
  • Incite the disruption and destruction of procedures and/or election infrastructure or promote violent behaviour and threats.
  • Create fake accounts to misrepresent an affiliation—or share content that falsely represents an affiliation—to a candidate, elected official, political party, or government entity.
  • Use generative AI tools and/or programs to create or promote content that—in any of the above forms—is intended to undermine an election or other democratic process.


We permit users to provide or request related services intended to be presented as caricatures, satire, parodies, or memes.



Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property Claims (Copyright (DMCA), Trademark Infringement)


Gigred is dedicated to safeguarding intellectual property (IP) rights and deeply respects the IP rights of third parties. We offer essential mechanisms to protect intellectual property rights to fulfil this commitment.


As the content uploaded to Gigred's platform by our users falls under User Generated Content (UGC), we have devised and implemented specific processes to report violations of intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark infringements.


Upon receipt of a report containing all pertinent information from a rights holder or authorized representative ("reporter"), we will take action to remove or disable access to content that is involved in:

  • Copyright infringement.
  • Trademark infringement.


Gigred retains the right to seek additional information from a reporter, such as proof of ownership or other relevant documentation.


Services Which Violate Intellectual Property Rights


Aligned with various laws and our dedication to safeguarding the work of our creative community, Gigred strictly prohibits any service that infringes upon the intellectual property (IP) rights of individuals and/or businesses. Measures will be taken against those who offer or request such services, contributing to the protection of our creative community.


Do not offer, agree to provide, or ask for services such as:

  • Services related to copying or distributing copyrighted material (digital piracy), such as creating torrent websites, developing platforms for streaming movies and TV shows, selling access to any streaming service account, etc.
  • Services involving hacked or cracked software products (programs, apps, themes, templates, games, etc). 
  • Services that are aimed to intentionally remove the watermark or copyright mark without the owner’s consent or permission.


Gigred retains the authority to permanently suspend accounts engaged in infringing intellectual property rights.


Non-Original Design Standards


Gigred appreciates the dedication and creativity of individuals. As a platform that champions designers, artists, writers, and creatives globally, original work must be consistently showcased and delivered. We will promptly and decisively address instances where non-original work is submitted and/or presented as original.


The criteria outlined below apply to Gig listings and completed orders within the Graphics & Design, and Photography categories on Gigred: Do not present, sell, or deliver the work of others as your own.


Unique concept and publication


  • If working with existing creative elements, designers must uniquely implement these elements to create a new design concept.
  • Delivered work must be customized and unique, meaning the design has not been previously published online or offline and has been invented for the first time.


Gig images


  • Any designs or photographs featured in Gig images must be the seller's original work. Still, they can be work previously published on the designer's websites or social media. 
  • To use a design or photograph from an order delivered on Gigred, the designer must have consent from the buyer who placed the order.


Elements that can be similar


  • Generic shapes: Ex.Points, lines, squares, ellipsoids, cones, etc.
  • Functional designs: Ex. A circle, a diamond, a heart, ears on a tiger, wheels on a car, green colour to convey environmental responsibility, etc.
  • Elements not eligible for copyright protection, such as:
    • Short phrases like “Show me the money” or “Beam me up.”
    • Facts and theories like scientific facts or the quantum theory.
    • Abstract ideas, but not the way an idea is expressed. For example, the basic plot of comics can be an idea but not the way the designer expressed that idea.   
    • Materials commonly found in a work of a particular type, ex. Castles, knights, and dragons are present in a medieval story; certain elements and details of creative content are customary or considered necessary to a particular genre.


Stock image and template policy


Ensure you have all required licenses for using the stock image or template in your delivery. 

Stock images

  • All stock images must be from authorized agencies.
  • Don’t deliver or post stock images “as is”.
  • Stock images can be used transformatively as a part of your delivery.


  • If you start your design work with a template, be sure that your final, delivered design is significantly different from the template design, with a new look and feel, a unique concept, and/or transformative use.
  • You can provide a service that relies on templates found online, but this must be specified in your Gig.
  • Sellers relying heavily on templates in their design work will not be eligible for special seller programs on Gigred.


Navigating the Line: Using Others' Work vs. Profit Arbitrage


You can incorporate other sellers' work into your delivery if you possess the rights to use it and it is utilized as a component of your own delivery.


Using it as your original delivery is prohibited, especially when reselling it "as is" without substantial added value or transformative use. This misrepresentation, intended to profit from price differences, is known as profit arbitrage and is prohibited on Gigred.


Examples of other sellers’ work that you can use (if you have the rights to reuse it)

  • Designs as backgrounds for music videos.
  • Images for websites or presentations.
  • Music beds for explainer videos.



Artificial Intelligence (AI) Generated Content


Gigred welcomes the utilization of cutting-edge technology and permits content created by users with the assistance of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools and programs.


Gigred welcomes the utilization of cutting-edge technology and permits content created by users with the assistance of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools and programs.


Sellers must:


  • Ensure you possess all the required rights to the content you generate, including copyrights. If content generated and/or delivered on Gigred using AI is discovered to infringe or violate copyrights, applicable laws, or Gigred's Community Standards, said content will be removed from the platform, and the seller's account may face permanent suspension.
  • Adhere to the terms of service of the relevant tool and/or program and all applicable regulations, including data protection, privacy, and consumer rights laws.
  • Provide personalized work for each order, avoiding providing AI-generated content in bulk where identical work is delivered to multiple buyers.


Both sellers and buyers are not allowed to utilize AI tools for disseminating misinformation, nonconsensual content, creating deepfakes (in the form of video, photo, or audio recording), generating fake accounts, or producing faces of non-existent humans for unlawful purposes.


Buyers are encouraged to share their preferences with sellers


When contemplating services that may or may not involve generative AI tools or programs, buyers who prefer work created and/or delivered without using such tools should explicitly convey this preference to the seller.


If you suspect any misuse or unethical behavior related to generative AI, please report it.


These policies and guidelines will be revised to align with the evolving trends and usage of generative AI. Please revisit for any updates.



Minors Policy


Gigred's Terms of Service mandate that all users must be at least 18 years old and legally eligible to enter a binding contract. Individuals under 18 but at least 13 years old may use the site under an account owned by their parent or legal guardian with their consent. Those under the age of 13 are not allowed to use the site.


Services Involving Minors


Some Gigs on Gigred involve minors' participation in the service. 

  • In cases where the minor is the primary service provider (for example, child voice-over), the account's owner must be the minor's parent or legal guardian. When this is the case, it must be clearly stated in the Gig components and profile description.
  • In cases where the minor is involved in the service creation process (for example, photography for children's products), it must be clear from the nature of the service that the participation of minors is required.


Parents or legal guardians, as well as sellers engaging with minors while delivering their services, must adhere to all local child labour laws and regulations.


Individuals under 18 cannot offer the services on Gigred: dance lessons, modelling, greeting cards & videos, and "your message on."


No Sexually Explicit Content Featuring Minors


We do not allow sexually explicit content featuring minors or content that seeks to sexually exploit minors, including but not limited to:

  • NSFW/lewd illustrations and voiceovers.
  • Erotic stories.
  • Lolicon (or loli), shotacon (or shota) voiceovers or anime illustrations.
  • Deepfakes.
  • Any sexually explicit child-like imagery, including those generated by AI tools and programs.


We also disallow the depiction and description of minors in a manner that could be deemed sexually suggestive, violent, or exploitative in nature.


Gigred reserves the right to exercise broad discretion when removing content that involves or depicts minors. User accounts found in violation of this policy may face permanent suspension.


We immediately report Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which works with global law enforcement agencies.