Community Standards

We’re creating a space for a community dedicated to transforming global collaboration. Our extensive network includes writers, designers, producers, videographers, business owners, and professionals from countless industries who rely on Gigred daily to pursue their passions. Each community member inspires us with unique perspectives, beliefs, and views—these elements make Gigred dynamic.

To ensure a respectful, inclusive, and safe environment, we have established community standards to guide behaviour on our platform. These standards outline acceptable conduct within the Gigred community and marketplace, covering in-person interactions and online communications. While not based on legal requirements, they govern our platform policies and reflect our attitudes, expectations, and social norms. Our community standards are founded on our core values: respect, safety, acceptance, support, and open-mindedness.

These standards will continuously grow, evolve, and change like our community. We have included examples of unacceptable activities within the community standards. Please note that these examples are illustrative and not exhaustive.

We urge our community to utilize our reporting tools when encountering unacceptable behaviour. We aim to ensure the best experience for all members and ask that you respect and adhere to these guidelines.


Integrity and Authenticity

To ensure a safe, respectful, fair, and trustworthy marketplace, Gigred is proactively working to prevent abusive practices that could compromise our platform’s integrity or the authenticity of our users.

Any deliberate attempts to manipulate platform tools and features will permanently suspend the accounts involved in such behaviour.