Privacy Policy

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. It explains how Gigred Studios Private Limited (referred to as "Gigred" or "we") uses your personal information. When you visit or use, the Gigred mobile app, or services that link to this Policy (collectively called the "Site"), you agree that you have read and understood this Policy. The Policy may be updated, and any changes will be posted on this Site. As required by the law, we will also take the necessary steps to inform you about significant changes. It's a good idea to check the Policy now and then for any updates or alterations.


Gigred is dedicated to safeguarding the personal information of all its users, including buyers, sellers, and other visitors on the Site ("users"), as well as affiliates, influencers, and other collaborators engaging with Gigred. We believe you have the right to know how we handle the information we gather when you use the Site. This Policy outlines our privacy practices for the Site and Gigred's services, as well as the privacy practices for individuals who are affiliates, influencers, and other collaborators. By using the Site, application, and services, registering for an account, or participating in our affiliate, influencer, or similar programs, you acknowledge that you comprehend how we manage your personal data according to this Policy. This includes collecting, using, disclosing, processing, and retaining personal information. You can also find information in this Policy on how to limit the sharing of your information.



Information We Collect


Information you provide: When you sign up for the Site, use its features, fill out forms, take skills tests, collaborate on the Site, and/or join our affiliate, influencer, or similar program, we request certain personal information. This includes a valid email address, login details for Facebook or Google accounts, and a username. Additionally, we may ask for or collect more details such as your name, profile information, physical address or billing details, phone number or other contact information, transaction details, payment information (like processing your payment method and credit card number in certain cases), taxpayer information and forms, information about other linked social network accounts, details about the gigs you list, your purchases, education, profession, expertise, information, and files you upload to the Site, and extra authentication details (like copies of your government-issued ID, passport, or driver's license, as allowed by relevant laws and explained in our Seller Help Center under "Verifying Your Identity"). We also gather information from your communications with Gigred, including posts on our blogs or forums and your interactions with other Gigred users.


Information we collect automatically: We gather information when you access, browse, view, or use the Site. Essentially, this means that when you use the Site, we collect personal information about your use. This includes details about your transactions and communications with other users on the Site, your searches, the pages you look at, and other actions you take. We also gather, use, and process information related to this usage, such as geolocation information, IP address, device and connection details, browser information, web log information, and the URLs of the web pages you've seen or interacted with before or after using the Site. Additionally, we collect and process information about using cookies and similar technologies, as explained below. We use this information to provide our services, improve the user experience, customize your browsing experience, and monitor the Site to prevent fraud and inappropriate content or behavior.


Moreover, we've introduced impression reporting to enhance your online experience on Gigred. When you look at our ads, we collect certain data, including the user's Global Unique Identifier, HTTP request details such as user agent, IP, host, URL, country/continent of the request origin, browser information, and details about the device/operating system/operating system version.


Information we receive from third parties: We obtain information from third-party vendors and/or other sources available commercially, including:

  • We receive information from third-party vendors to supplement the data we already have about you, following relevant laws. For instance, we get fraud alerts from service providers to help prevent fraud and assess risks. Additionally, enrichment service providers share information to improve and customize your experience. We also receive data from advertising and marketing partners to oversee and evaluate our campaigns.
  • When you link, connect, or log in to your account using a third-party service (like Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn), we receive specific information, including your registration and profile details. The nature of this information may differ and is governed by that particular service or as permitted by you through your privacy settings on that service.
  • If you invite contacts from your G-suite directory, we'll be able to see the details of those contacts based on your G-suite permission. We'll use this information to enable you to invite your contacts to your Gigred account. Additionally, we may use aggregated and anonymized information internally for our own purposes.
  • If you integrate information from third parties into your account or connect your account with third-party systems, tools, or products, we will receive specific information about you based on the permissions you've granted at those third-party sources.
  • Additionally, if another user invites you to Gigred, such as through our collaboration tools and referral program, we will obtain certain information about you. In this scenario, the information we receive is limited, typically including your email address or other contact details. We will use this information for the same purpose for which it was provided and in compliance with the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy.


We merge your personal information with data we automatically collect or receive from other companies, and we use this combined information for the purposes outlined in this Policy.




When required by applicable laws, all processing of your personal information will be justified by a "lawful ground" for processing. In most instances, the processing will be justified based on:

  • You have given your consent for us to use your personal information for a specific purpose;
  • Our use of your personal information is necessary to fulfill a contract or to take steps to enter into a contract with you (for example, to provide you with services that you have purchased);
  • The processing is necessary to comply with a relevant legal obligation or regulatory requirement that we have (for instance, fraud prevention) or
  • The processing is necessary to support our legitimate interests as a business (such as improving our services to you), consider your interests and fundamental rights, and ensure it is conducted proportionately.



How Do We Use The Information Collected


We will use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • We use your information to ensure you get good service and the platform is safe. This includes running the website, doing what we promised, and improving the service. For instance, we use your details to check who you are and set up your account. We might also check or reset your password, keep track of what you do on the site, and help you talk to others using the service. If you need help, we're here to support you; sometimes, we might send you messages. The information you share helps us improve the service, understand how well we're doing, know what you like, and improve the service. We also use it to personalize your experience, like suggesting Gigs and showing search results that match what you're looking for.
  • We use your personal information to ensure our platform is honest and safe and to stop things like fraud. For example, we monitor activities to catch and prevent fraud or inappropriate behavior. We check the content to ensure it's okay and do investigations to keep everything secure. We also verify the information you give us and ensure everyone follows our rules and the law. We use some smart computer analysis to help with all of this. In rare cases, if we see something risky, our system might limit what you can do on Gigred. If you disagree with a decision like that, contact us at [email protected].
  • We get in touch with you either because you asked us to, when you've given us permission, or when it's allowed by this policy.
  • To tell people about the website, what we offer, and the Gigred platform. For instance, we use the information we gather from you to send messages promoting our services (explained below), to share things that might interest you, and to arrange referral programs, contests, or other events.
  • To keep the right business records, follow requests from the government, and obey the rules and laws or as needed by the law.


We will check with you before using your information for anything not mentioned in this Policy.


Direct marketing:

  • We use your information to inform you about our products, services, or special offers from Gigred that you might like. This could be through email, mail, text messages, phone calls, or online ads.
  • We use your personal information for marketing because we think it's a good idea, or because you said it's okay, or as the law allows. If you don't want to get marketing messages, you can stop them anytime. Just click the opt-out link in the messages or email [email protected].
  • We try to keep the number of marketing messages sensible and send you things we think you might find interesting or relevant based on what we know about you.



How Long Do We Keep Personal Information


We usually keep your personal information only for as long as we need it for the reason we got it. But sometimes, we might keep it for a bit longer. We keep personal information for these reasons:

  • We keep it as long as we need it for our work, like having a correct record of your interactions with us in case of any complaints or issues.
  • For personal information from closed accounts, we keep it to follow the rules, stop fraud, get any owed fees, solve problems, help with investigations, enforce our site rules, and do other things the law allows.





This website is for people who are 18 or older and can make agreements legally. If you're under 18 but at least 13, you can use the site if your parent or legal guardian owns the account and says it's okay. If you're under 13, sorry, but you can't use the site or Gigred services. We don't collect info from kids under 13. Parents should keep an eye on what their kids do online. If we accidentally get info from a child under 13, we'll delete it. If you think we have info about a child under 13, tell us at [email protected].



Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties


We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent.


We share your personal information with third parties as detailed below:

  • With other users and Site visitors: Upon registration, your username, country, and additional details related to your activity become publicly accessible and visible to all Site users. This includes photos you upload, your published portfolio, Gig information, ratings, and any extra information you decide to include in your profile. We also allow you to engage and share content publicly in forums, blogs, and similar features. It's important to note that specific information, such as your username and profile and the content you upload, will be publicly displayed when utilizing these features. Additionally, your information will be shared with other users when you communicate with them through messages or other means. You do so at your own risk when you disclose your information or share data with other Gigred users. If you share personal information with other users, including Sellers providing you a service via Gigred, such information is shared independently with other users. Although Gigred's Terms of Service mandate Sellers to maintain the confidentiality of shared information, Gigred cannot guarantee that all users will adhere to these terms. It is your responsibility to ensure that other users comply with your standards.
  • With service providers: For business purposes, we disclose personal information to service providers who furnish us with services necessary for the Site's operation, the management of your account, and the provision of supplementary services and solutions. These services encompass hosting, billing and payment processing, customer relationship management (CRM), forum hosting, community management, data and cybersecurity, web analytics, performance tools, translation tools, IT Software as a Service (SaaS), session recording, communication systems, mailing systems, data optimization, marketing services, data enrichment, and advice from legal, financial, or technical consultants. Under applicable legal requirements, we implement suitable technical and organizational measures to ensure third parties safeguard your personal information and process it only per our instructions.
  • For legal reasons: When responding to a subpoena, court order, judicial process, or regulatory authorities, we disclose personal information to law enforcement agencies, public authorities, or other entities. This occurs when we believe it is a legal requirement or reasonably necessary to comply with legal processes. Additionally, we may share personal information with law enforcement authorities if we deem it necessary or appropriate for purposes such as investigating actual or suspected fraud, violations of the law, breaches of security, or breaches of this Policy. This disclosure may also happen to respond to claims against us and to safeguard the rights, property, or personal safety of Gigred, our customers, or the public.
  • For payments and fraud detection: We share personal information with payment processors, fraud detection agencies, and similar third parties to facilitate payments via the Site, secure the Site, and protect it against fraud, unauthorized transactions (such as money laundering), claims, or other liabilities.
  • With social media partners: Our Site incorporates specific social media features, including single sign-on functionality. We also share minimal personal information with these social media platforms and marketing partners, such as Facebook and Google, to promote our services or the Gigred marketplace. Third-party features and services gather specific information about you and may employ cookies to enable their functionality. The policies governing these features by third parties are determined by their respective policies.
  • With users with whom you interact: We disclose personal information to facilitate interactions among users. For instance, if you are a Buyer, we might share specific limited details about you (like indicating it's your first purchase on Gigred) with the Seller to ensure that the services you receive align with your needs. This sharing of information is confined in scope and is solely intended to enhance the services offered by the Seller and improve your overall user experience.
  • In the context of a corporate transaction: Personal information may be revealed during a business transition, such as a merger, sale, transfer of all or a portion of Gigred's assets, acquisition, bankruptcy, or a similar occurrence. Your data will be disclosed to the potential buyer if we sell any business or assets. If a third party acquires us or a substantial portion of our assets, the user information we hold will be one of the transferred assets.


This Site is additionally safeguarded by reCAPTCHA, and the data collected by reCAPTCHA is subject to the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Using Google reCAPTCHA is essential to prevent fraud and misuse of the Site through automated machines.



Where We Store Your Personal Information


Certain personal information you furnish may be stored or processed by third-party suppliers and data processors on our behalf. These entities might be situated in jurisdictions such as the United States and India, where laws may differ from the jurisdiction in which you reside. Whether shared with third parties or processed internally, there are instances of personal information transfers from the European Economic Area (“EEA”) to countries outside of the EEA, which may not offer an adequate level of data protection from a European perspective, such as the United States. Concerning data transfers to such recipients outside the EEA, we implement suitable safeguards, notably through European Union (EU) standard contractual clauses, as periodically amended, and/or equivalent data transfer measures. We are committed to taking all reasonably necessary steps to ensure that your personal information is handled securely and by this Policy.





We employ cookies and comparable technologies (including web beacons, pixels, tags, and scripts) to enhance and customize your experience, deliver our services, assess website performance, and for marketing objectives. For detailed information on how we, along with our third-party service providers, utilize cookies and for insights into your control over these Cookies, kindly refer to our Cookie Policy.



Do Not Track


"Do Not Track" (DNT) is a privacy preference that users can configure in certain web browsers to opt out of tracking by websites and online services. While we do not adhere to browser requests not to be tracked online ("Do Not Track"), our Cookie Policy provides guidance on how to opt out of receiving cookies.



External Links


Please note that the Site includes links to third-party sites. If you navigate to a third-party site from our Site, any data you provide to that site and its utilization by the third party are beyond the control of Gigred and are not governed by this Policy. It is advisable to review the privacy policies of each site you visit. This Policy exclusively pertains to personal information collected by our Site. If you upload content, including personal information, to a social network and subsequently tag the Site, your submission will be subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of that social network. This holds true even if you post on an official Gigred page on the social network. We lack control over these terms of use and privacy policies and have not assessed their adequacy. Thus, it is recommended that you review them before providing any personal information.





We employ technical and organizational measures to safeguard the security of the Site, our services, and personal information, aiming to prevent unauthorized access, loss, misuse, alteration, destruction, or damage. These measures utilize industry-standard technologies and internal procedures. We consistently maintain a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) certification, particularly concerning credit card payments. Additionally, through contractual agreements, we ensure that any third party processing your personal information is bound to securely maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your data. Nevertheless, it is essential to acknowledge that data transmission via the Internet is not entirely secure. While we try to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of data transmitted to the Site. Upon receiving your data, we implement strict procedures and security features to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access. Users registering on the Site agree to treat their password strictly and refrain from disclosing it to any third party. Additional information can be provided upon request for those seeking further details about our data security practices.



Rights of EU, EEA and UK Users


This section of the Policy applies to individuals in the EU, the European Economic Area (EEA), or the UK.


Gigred Studios Private Limited is the Controller (defined in the EU and UK General Data Protection Regulation or "GDPR") responsible for processing personal data as this Privacy Policy outlines.


Under relevant EU regulations, you possess the following rights concerning your personal information:

  • To receive details about processing your personal information, including the methods and legal grounds, and to receive a copy.
  • To rectify inaccurate personal information.
  • To have your personal information deleted in specific situations, including when (a) you consider it is no longer necessary for us to retain your personal information, (b) we process your personal information based on legitimate interests, and you object to such processing without us demonstrating an overriding legitimate reason; (c) you provided your personal information with consent, and you wish to withdraw that consent, with no other valid processing ground available; and (d) you believe your personal information is being unlawfully processed by us.
  • To limit the processing of your personal information under the following circumstances: (a) when the accuracy of the personal information is being contested; (b) when the processing is deemed unlawful, but you object to the erasure of the personal information; (c) when we no longer need the personal information for the original collection purposes but it is necessary for legal claims, or (d) when you object to the processing of your personal information based on our legitimate interests, and we are reviewing your objection.
  • To object to decisions that are based solely on automated processing or profiling.
  • If you have given us your personal information with your consent, you can request a copy of this data in a structured, machine-readable format and ask us to transfer (port) this data to another data controller.
  • To request a copy of or access information about the safeguards in place for transferring your personal information outside of the European Economic Area (EEA).


Under certain circumstances, you have the right to object, based on your particular circumstances, to our processing of your personal data. We may be obligated to cease processing your personal data under such circumstances. Furthermore, if your personal data is processed for direct marketing purposes, you have the right to object at any time to the processing of personal data related to you for such marketing, including any profiling associated with this direct marketing. If you exercise this right, we will no longer process your personal data for these marketing purposes.


Apart from the rights mentioned above, you also have the option to file a complaint with a data protection supervisory authority. It is important to acknowledge that the right of access and the right to erasure are not absolute rights. Your ability to exercise them may be subject to restrictions based on the interests of other individuals, as outlined under local laws.


To verify your identity and ensure security, we may request additional information before providing the data you've requested. We reserve the right to impose a fee in cases allowed by law. We will reject requests that pose a risk to the privacy of others, are highly impractical, or would require actions not allowed under applicable laws. Furthermore, under applicable laws, we may retain certain personal information for a limited duration for record-keeping, accounting, and fraud prevention purposes.



Specific Provisions for California Residents


This section of the Policy applies to you, if you are a California resident.


During the last twelve (12) months, we have collected the following categories of personal information from users:

  • Information you opt to upload or furnish to Gigred, which may encompass: (i) Identifiers and personal details like name, postal addresses, online identifiers, email addresses, passport numbers, driver's license numbers, social security numbers; (ii) Characteristics falling under protected classifications, such as gender; facial images; audio, electronic, or comparable information; (iii) Professional or employment-related details; (iv) Educational information; (v) Commercial details; (vi) Audio or other sensory information, for instance, if you offer audio-based services on Gigred.
  • Information gathered during your use of Gigred, encompassing: (i) Identifiers and personal details such as online identifiers, internet protocol (IP) addresses, access device and connection information (including browser type, version, time zone setting, and browser plug-in types and versions); (ii) Commercial information, including products or services purchased, obtained, or considered, as well as other purchasing or consumption histories or tendencies; (iii) Internet or other electronic network activity information, including, but not limited to, log-in and log-out times, session durations, uploaded and downloaded content, viewed web pages, or specific content on web pages, and activity measures; (iv) Location information.
  • Information obtained by us or received from third parties like service providers, advertisers, and third-party accounts linked with Gigred, encompassing: (i) Identifiers and personal details such as name, online identifiers, email addresses, internet protocol (IP) addresses, access device, and connection information (including browser type, version, time zone setting, and browser plug-in types and versions); (ii) Professional or employment-related information; (iii) Internet or other electronic network activity information, including, but not limited to, log-in and log-out times, session durations, uploaded and downloaded content, viewed web pages, or specific content on web pages, and activity measures; (iv) Commercial information; and (v) Location information.
  • Conclusions derived from the information mentioned above to generate a profile concerning you.


We utilize the personal information collected or received for the business purposes outlined in the "How Do We Use the Information Collected" section above.


The categories of personal information listed above may be shared with third parties for business purposes, as explained in the section titled "Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties" in the Privacy Policy. In the last twelve (12) months, we have disclosed all the detailed categories of personal information mentioned above for business purposes.


As stated earlier in this Policy, we do not "sell" personal information, as the CCPA defines.


You have the following specific rights under the CCPA regarding personal information about you, with certain exceptions:

  • You have a right to request access to the personal information we have collected about you over the past 12 months, including (i) the categories of personal information we collect about you, (ii) the categories of sources from which the personal information is collected; (iii) the business or commercial purpose for collecting your personal information; (iv) the categories of third parties with whom we have shared your personal information; (v) the specific pieces of personal information that we have collected about you.
  • You have the right to request the deletion of personal information associated with you, which we collected from you, subject to specific circumstances and exceptions.
  • You also possess the right to be free from discrimination for exercising your rights under the CCPA.
  • You also have the right to submit your request through an authorized agent. If you opt to use an authorized agent to submit a request for accessing or deleting your personal information on your behalf, the authorized agent must: (1) be an individual or business entity registered with the California Secretary of State for conducting business in California; (2) furnish evidence of such registration; and (3) present documentation or other proof demonstrating authorization to act on your behalf. Additionally, we may ask you to independently verify your identity and confirm that you have given the authorized agent permission to submit the request.


We request that you submit a Customer Relations Ticket to initiate these requests. If you don't have an active Gigred account, please contact us at [email protected].


We will authenticate your request using the details linked to your account, including your email address. Additionally, government identification may be necessary.


You are allowed to make an access request twice within 12 months. Any information disclosed will pertain solely to the 12 months preceding the receipt of your request. We do not impose a fee for processing or responding to your verifiable user request unless deemed excessive, repetitive, or manifestly unfounded. In cases where a fee is deemed necessary, we will notify you of the reasons for such a decision and provide a cost estimate before proceeding with your request.



Updating Personal Information


We ensure the accuracy and currency of the personal information we collect, allowing you to update your details through your account profile settings. Please notify us promptly if you believe any of your information is incorrect or inaccurate. We will promptly investigate the matter and rectify any inaccuracies as necessary or offer ways for you to swiftly update or delete it—unless retention is necessary for legitimate business or legal reasons. When modifying your personal information, we will require identity verification before processing your request. If you encounter difficulties deleting your personal information, please contact Gigred's Customer Support, and we will make reasonable efforts to delete such information as per applicable privacy laws.


You can review and modify your personal information by logging into the Site and accessing your account profile page.


If you remove your User Generated Content ("UGC"), as defined in the Gigred Terms of Service, from the Site, it's possible that copies of your UGC may persist in cached and archived pages or could have been duplicated or stored by other Site users. The appropriate access and utilization of information offered on the Site, including UGC, are subject to the regulations outlined in our Terms of Service.



Contact Us


We request that you submit a Customer Relations ticket to assert your rights concerning your personal information. Please provide all pertinent details to ensure proper handling of your ticket. We will handle all requests under local laws and our policies and procedures. Alternatively, you may contact us at [email protected].


If you have any inquiries (or comments) regarding this Policy, please contact our team at [email protected], and we will endeavor to respond within a reasonable timeframe.